A Journey to losing a hundred pounds


First things first, I just got done with my workout. And I’m on vacation.

Most people would say why???? YOU’RE ON VACATION MAN! RELAX! And to that I say, hey man, it was a quick 45 minute workout and I feel great now.

The only problem with this is psychologically my mind now says that I can have those extra 6 beers, but I will moderate myself.

It’s a good start to the weekend. There’s some inspiration for someone out there. If a 260 lb. man can leave a sweat puddle on the concrete next to his car, anyone can do it. Good luck peeps.


My Workout Routine/Area

Back in April when I started lifting weights with a coworker of mine, I started out pretty slow and only twice a week, having never lifted before. I started seeing some changes and started feeling stronger. However, my diet didn’t really change all that much. I mean i tried, but good food and good beer are my weaknesses.

About a month ago I was talking to one of my brother’s friends about my progress and what I was looking to do, essentially dropping 100 lbs. I didn’t want to lose muscle in the process, hence the weightlifting. This guy’s in the military and used to be a personal trainer so he had some good insight for me. He said I should switch to circuit training to really cut down on the fat but also maintain some muscle gain.

So I started circuit training. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing.

100 Jump Rope
1:00 Bench
1:00 Squats
1:00 Bent Over Rows
3:00 Jogging/100 Jump Rope
1:00 Overhead Shoulder Press
1:00 Lunges
1:00 Bicep Curls
3:00 Jogging/100 Jump Rope
1:00 Tricep Dips
1:00 Weighted Squats
1:00 Weighted Lunges
2:00 Crunches/Plank/Abs
Cooldown with as many Jump Ropes as I can do

This is loosely based off the circuit training I found on a military website and I’ve altered a few things with the equipment I have available to me. I’ve seen a bigger change in the last month definition wise and my gut’s getting smaller.

I’ve tried doing research on what the best things to do are and it just gets super overwhelming. Trying to lose weight, but also having enough calories to gain muscles is hard to do and I don’t even know if I’m doing it the most efficient way.

A couple highlights. Only had 3 beers last week. And a friend said my face was getting skinnier.

My workout area at work. It’s nothing too special, but I work with it.


Good Return

It’s been a good week.

I finished my last circuit training for the week and it felt amazing. Apologies for the graphic depiction, but there’s something about being drenched in sweat and feeling sore all over that feels amazing.

I’ve added 5 minutes of jumping rope at the end of my circuit as a kind of cool down, and that’s probably been one of my favorite parts. It takes a weird kind of concentration for me. Similar to driving, where I concentrate subconsciously. It’s almost relaxing?

Now the weekend, and the hardest part. Staying in tonight, but going bowling tomorrow. So I’m sure shitty food and beer will be had, but I’ll try to moderate.

Back to Weighing

So I haven’t really been weighing myself because I realized with muscle gain, I wouldn’t really be seeing the results on the scale like my mind would want and expect to see.

However, that being said, I weighed in this morning at 263 lbs. I stared at myself in the mirror for a bit comparing myself how I looked almost a year ago when I started this and could see some definite changes overall, but nowhere near where I want to be.

I’ve also decided to make a huge lifestyle change to speed up my becoming healthy. No more beer. I say that lightly because I’m not going to say no if someone buys me a beer out at a bar somewhere. I am, however, not going to keep any in the crib.

I know that diet is the most important thing to losing weight and I’m seriously working on it. I’ve been adding in some cardio on my off days as well. Just some light jump roping and burpees to try and get my heart rate going. I’m in a good place and mood.

Let’s try this again

So it’s been almost a year and I just remembered I had this thing. Long story short, I haven’t lost 100 pounds.

I have, however, gotten a bit more healthy.

Back in April, a coworker asked if I wanted to start lifting weights with him after work. Having never lifted weights in my life, I was little nervous about getting started, but I got into it pretty quickly. I lost a few pounds here and there, but I like to think I was turning my fat into muscle. I can definitely see a lot more definition in my arms and chest which I’ve never seen before in my life.

So along with this lifting weights thing, my diet has still been shit.

I’m going to try and get serious again now. About a month ago I switched from strictly lifting to circuit training 3 days a week. I think it’s been pretty effective. Now my only obstacles are food and beer. Wish me luck.

Holidays Suck (trying to lose weight)

It hasn’t been easy.

I haven’t been eating the most unhealthy meals, but not really the healthiest either. I have been able to get my workouts in, but there’s been a good amount of desserts and a good amount of snacking.

Only a couple more days to get through and I can get back on the grind.


So it’s been 2 days since I first started this thing and so far it’s been pretty great. When I weighed this morning, I was down to 262. I realize a lot of that is probably water weight, but to see such a big loss scale wise in only a couple days is pretty encouraging.

Overall, I just feel a little bit healthier as well. Insanity has been kicking my ass, but when I finish the workout drenched in sweat and barely able to make it up the stairs willfully, I remember why I’m doing this.

Oddly enough, I’m writing this post to psyche myself up for a workout here in a bit before I head into work. Breakfast was bacon and eggs with spinach. Lunch is going to be a big salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and grilled chicken. Dinner is yet to be determined.

Also, tonight I will be attempting to make these for a work lunch tomorrow.

Getting Through The Holidays

The hardest part for me when it comes to the holiday season is holding back from eating copious amounts of my mom’s southern home cooking while lying around the house for 3 or 4 days hibernating. This year things are going to be a bit different.

I’m headed back home on Saturday and will stay through Tuesday. A couple things I plan on doing to help me stay proactive are as follows: Insanity videos on my iPad and cooking a ton of food to take home with me. I’ll also try to persuade my mom to have some healthier options for me rather than fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. She also bakes a ton of desserts to give as gifts to everyone, so that will probably be the hardest part, avoiding all the cookies.

This will be a good test for me and my discipline. If, no, when I get through the weekend unscathed by all the comforty goodness the holidays bring with them, I feel like it’ll push me even harder towards my goal of losing a hundred.

The Universe is rooting for me

First, I can already see progress with my determination compared to how I usually am. I think the universe is on my side.

Last night, I attended a work Christmas party intending to not worry about what I ate because it would have been really difficult. Most years there’s some sort of delicious pasta and tons of bread, or a deliciously sauced meat with tons of unhealthy side dishes. Oh and tons of bread. I love bread.

Turns out they had Chipotle cater the party….

I can’t tell you how excited I was. Even with all the the tortilla chips and shells, I stuck to what I should’ve eaten. And because it was free and healthy, I loaded up. Huge bed of lettuce with spoonfuls of guacamole and pico, loaded with a good amount of steak. This inspired me so much, I didn’t even eat any desserts, which there was a ton of. I’m talking 20 different options.

Yesterday was a good day for me, and a new beginning. Starting this blog coupled with a good (and lucky) start to keeping with my diet and workout, even caused me to get up a little earlier today and go for a quick jog. It wasn’t anything too intense, but I’m sitting here still sweating a bit and I’m happy.

I realize it’s only been a day and I may be getting ahead of myself, but I imagine my attitude about this whole thing, whether it be positive or negative, will greatly influence the outcome.

The Beginning (266)

I’m a 26 year old husky male. Human, not dog, I’ve always had a weight problem and have never had enough discipline to do anything about it. Multiple times I’ve lost upwards of 20 lbs., but something inevitably happens and I gain it all right back. Hopefully, this time will be different. Writing this blog will hopefully be an extra incentive to keep up with it. And I like to write.

Like the title of the blog says, I’m working towards losing a hundred pounds. Starting today, I’m at 266. I’d like to be in the 160’s, but for the sake of the title, I’ll shoot for 166.

My plan for losing weight, which I’ve done in the past, is just a simple mixture of exercise and eating healthy. I’ll be partaking in the Insanity workout (about 3 weeks in.) I know at my weight, it might seem like it’s too much, but I enjoy being pushed to my limits and it’s an awesome all around workout. Along with the exercise, I’ll be eating healthier. I’ll be mainly trying to stick to the Paleo lifestyle. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s essentially lean meats (grass fed), a ton of vegetables and a little bit of fruit. No breads and no processed foods. I doubt I will stick to this exclusively, with the holiday season and what not, but hopefully the exercise will help counterbalance any extra goodies I partake in.

I don’t know who would be reading this, but it’s more for giving me something to do and hold myself accountable. But if it all works, maybe it could inspire someone.

The main part of this blog will be just telling you what I eat and how I exercise, and also how I slip up and eat a doughnut. I’ll probably update my weight and pictures every 5-7 days or such. And hopefully, I can be somewhat entertaining in my writing as well.

Breakfast today was a shake.

Almond milk, almond butter, spinach and frozen strawberries. Not the tastiest, but not too gross either.

Lunch will be grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and grilled sweet potatoes.

Dinner will be a work Christmas party, so probably a bad day to start this whole thing…

Cheers to losing a hundred.

266 photo (2)